Hand painted glass vase for the home or office. Fill with flowers or use as a table centerpiece.

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Sunflower (Lg) Still Magnolias (Lg) Dragonfly and Orchid Lg Vase
Sunflower (Lg)Still Magnolias (Lg)Dragonfly and Orchid Lg Vase

Designed by Paul Brent for Amia Studios this handpainted vase of a sunflower field is magnificent. Look for the random ladybug among the flowers! Vibrant yellows, brown, red, green, blue and white.

Designed by Kathleen McKenna for Amia Studios this vase is a vision in purple! Gorgeous white magnolia flowers cover this vase and multi-colored hummingbirds hover among these beautiful buds. Vibrant purple, white, green, yellow and red.

Designed by Marty Noble for Amia Studios. Dragonfly and Orchid is a garden scene bursting in color. Stands 10" tall.




Each handpainted vase is not dishwasher safe. Use sponge for light cleaning.